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Bright Way Care is the first organized home service provider in indore. We understand your need of quick and reliable service for your household such as Steam Car Washing, Car Cleaning, Sofa & Chair, Curtains, Carpet, Glass, Wall, other Home Appliances Cleaning and many more services. Now you can have all the comforts of service of household with us. We know the value of your precious time and money therefore we ensure that your service requirement are attended in short time and provides all services at reasonable price under one roof. We provides all the services with our skilled and experienced employee.

About the Bright Way Car Care


With nearly 1 year of service in the field, we feel confident that we are meeting our customer's expectations. In fact, we know that we won’t just meet your expectations - we will exceed them beyond your wildest dreams! Our well-trained and experienced detailing team has the know-how to tackle any cleaning problem and resolve it. Our latest equipment and cleaning products are state of the art, safe for you and your vehicle, and environmentally friendly.

And at Bright Way Care we understand the investment you have made in your vehicle. Each member of our team is respectful of each the vehicles and their contents we see each day. We know the importance that your vehicle plays in your day-to-day activities. You can depend on us to return it to you in fine condition and with everything you had in it when you left it with us. The Bright Way Care team is proud of our record of trouble and complaint free service. Please check out our record at the website for the Better services. You will find our record not just free of satisfactorily resolved complaints – but completely free of complaints – period! Now that’s dependable!

About the Bright Way Home Care


At Bright Way Care we pride ourselves in meeting our commitments. That means not only a home cleaned to your satisfaction, but also ready for you on-time. When you leave your home with us, we will give you a specific time that it will be ready and we will devote the manpower and effort needed to ensure your home is ready when we say it will be. You can depend on us to get you back in your home so you can continue on with your busy day.

Bright Way Care provide to you Sofa & Chair Cleaning, Curtains Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Glass Cleaning, Wall Cleaning, other Home Appliances Cleaning and many more services.

About the Bright Way Power Generating Care


Bright way care provide a complete Generator Service for all brand power generating sets from 7.5 kVA - 3000 kVA. Our expert team provide you a best service anywhere, anytime. We care for your DG set at really affordable and economical prices with your satisfactory work. You can choose a suitable AMC package your needs and forget all problems of your DG Set.


So just call us to find out how we can help you. It will be our great pleasure to serve you!
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