Home Cleaning Service

Bright way care provide a complete home cleaning service such as Interior Cleaning, Curtains Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Sofa & Chair Cleaning, Glass Cleaning, Wall Cleaning, Home Appliances Cleaning and many more with our latest equipments and expert team. Our expert team provide you a best service anywhere, anytime. We care for your home at really affordable and economical prices with your satisfactory work. So just call on our contact numbers or online service request on our website. You can choose a suitable AMC package your needs and forget all cleaning problems of your house.

Kitchen Cleaning


The kitchen is the heart and center of the home — but it gets dirty fast. (Cleaning up is the downside to cooking at home!) If neglected, aside from basic washing up and wiping down, the kitchen can get out of hand very quickly. But forget weekend cleaning marathons — you can deep-clean the kitchen from top to bottom with the help from our home cleaning services.

  • Vacuuming
  • Cleaning fabric seats and door upholstery
  • All the fiber Parts
  • Cleaning the carpet
  • Cleaning the windows
  • How to get rid of musty smell from air conditioner

Sofa & Chair Cleaning


Sofas and chairs are not only vulnerable to surface stains, dust, and dirt, but grime can become deeply embedded into the fibres, too. Even if you can’t see the dirt, it’s there, so for cleanliness and hygiene’s sake, cleaning upholstery on a regular basis is very important. If your sofas and chairs have removable covers, upholstery cleaning is simple: put them through the washing machine, or pop them down to the dry cleaners.
But If your covers are not removable, however, you’ll need some suitable upholstery cleaning which can provide by us to tackle the stains and dirt.
So just call us for you help.

Detailing how to clean a sofa & chair:

  • Vacuum
  • Spot Clean
  • Overall Clean
  • Dry

Curtains Cleaning


Curtains are an elegant addition to homes but are often neglected. They look so lovely when you first put them up but you really don't realize how much dust and dirt they collect until, years later, you whisk them open to let the sun in and a cloud of dust circles the air. Now you are faced with two decisions: wash or replace.

Stop replacement of Curtains and just call us...





Carpet Cleaning


Everyone wants a clean, healthy home for their family to enjoy, no matter where you are; this includes clean, healthy furniture, carpets, rugs, and more. You want to rest easy knowing that your home is clean and safe at all times.

  • Vacuum
  • Spot Clean
  • Overall Clean
  • Dry




Glass Cleaning


Bright way care offers Window Cleaning & External Glass Cleaning of all types up to 50 stories for management agencies, commercial premises, factories, apartments, facade cleaning & more.







Wall Cleaning


Different types of wall finishes require different care. When you clean textured walls, you must use special cleaning procedures in order to maintain their textured look as well as to get any hidden dirt out of the textured finish.

Use your vacuum's brush attachment to carefully vacuum textured walls prior to cleaning them. This removes dust or other particles from the wall's surface and particles that may be caught in between the rough, textured areas.

  • Vacuum
  • Spot Clean
  • Overall Clean
  • Dry


Home Appliances Cleaning


Different types of home appliances require different care. When you clean appliances, you must use special cleaning procedures in order to maintain their Shining look as well as to get any hidden dirt out of the finish.

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